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By a1650772
I am wondering whether it is possible to revalidate an MEP rating before the usual 90 day period prior to expiry of the current rating as it makes sense to renew my IR and MEP at the same time. A strict reading of the EASA FCL rules suggests that the revalidation of MEP (or IR) must take place within 90 days of expiry. It would seem to make sense that you could revalidate before the 90 day period but without retaining the existing expiry date but this does not seem to be what the regulation says. Does anyone have experience of how this is dealt with in practice?
By Balliol
Yes I believe you can but lose the extra validity time, I have done this before to get people’s ratings in line, not sure where you would find that written though
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By flybymike
I have certainly previously renewed my (now expired) MEP rating more than 90 days in advance of expiry, with the rating simply renewed from the date of the flight, rather than extended to its original expiry anniversary (where conducted within the final three months of validity.)
The examiner simply likened it to the equivalent of an LPC for someone with a current SEP rating who was unlikely to be able to meet the hours requirement for revalidation by experience before expiry of the rating.
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By GrahamB
@Balliol CAA Standards Document 14 v7 paragraph 4.2 confirms this:

The normal period (or “window”) for revalidation of a rating by proficiency check is 3 months preceding the expiry date of the rating. In certain circumstances an applicant may elect to take a proficiency check early i.e. before the 3 month revalidation period. It must be understood however, that this will result in the forfeit of the remaining validity period.