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By Kittyhawk
I have an LAPL with valid SEP rating. I want to revalidate my UK JAR PPL which has an expired SEP. Is the SEP in my LAPL somehow different to the PPL SEP or are they not one and the same?
By allout
Your UK JAR PPL(A) is no more, superseded, one way or another, by a Part-FCL PPL(A).
SEP validity on one of these is quite different from SEP validity on a LAPL(A)
- and - you are not allowed to hold both.
A good start would be to read the advice the CAA included with that LAPL(A).
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By Kittyhawk
My mistake. It says JAA on the cover, but it is a UK CAA ICAO PPL. Issued 1979. Ratings are SEP, MEP, SLMG and IMC. Valid for life.
I understand the differing validation requirements thank you.
Where exactly does it state I cannot hold a PPL and an LAPL? I also hold an NPPL/SSEA.
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By Balliol
You haven’t got a valid SEP rating in your LAPL, there is no such thing.

If you want to renew the SEP in your UK PPL you will need to take a SEP class rating test with an Examiner.

You can only hold one EASA licence - you can hold LAPL, UK PPL and NPPL concurrently.
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By Irv Lee
Kittyhawk wrote:Where exactly does it state I cannot hold a PPL and an LAPL? I also hold an NPPL/SSEA.
you cannot hold two EASA licences, EASA says so. A UK ppl is not an easa licence, neither is an nppl. So you have three licences, and as only one is an EASA one, the Earth continues to turn.
By allout
Kittyhawk, and other gentle readers, please forgive the pedandry ...
You asked a specific question "Where exactly does it state I cannot hold a PPL and an LAPL? "
Answer is in the Aircrew Regulation (Regulation (EU) 1178/2011), para FCL.015(c): "A person shall not hold at any time more than one licence per category of aircraft issued in accordance with this Part."
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By Kittyhawk
Thank you all for the clarification. I understand it is a EASA rule that you can only hold one licence per category.
Some confusion arose from what is listed under section XII of my LAPL, which shows under 'Ratings, certificates and privileges':- 'Class/Type/IR' :- Night and SEP(Land).

I am doing a Class Rating test for the PPL SEP renewal next week. May I inquire what is the difference between that test and the Licence Proficiency check required if I were to allow the rolling validity of my LAPL to expire?

Regards to all
By allout
Kittyhawk, another specific answer - very little difference indeed.
(& you will already have spotted that LAPL(A) recency can be restored without any sort of test)
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Irv Lee wrote:you cannot hold two EASA licences, EASA says so

Actually you can.

I have a PPL for flying powered beasts and a LAPL for gliders.

Both EASA licences.

OK, I am odd, we can agree on that.

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By Irv Lee
Purely from memory not research, I thought something had come out a long time ago saying a lapl prof check is the same as a lapl skills test.
If you have a current nppl-ssea (perhaps it isn't current, you didn't say), is there a reason why you need the UK ppl sep renewal? I would guess there is, but I meet enough pilots who have unnecessarily done things, so I always ask new ones, and it has saved some pilots money if they actually didn't need what they thought they did.
@Flyin'Dutch' Yes, true, sailplaning, ballooning, airshipping, but in fact @Kittyhawk already subtley and kindly reminded me by throwing in the word "category" to nudge me
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By townleyc
Interestingly I was talking with an ATPL examiner the other day who holds a UK issued EASA ATPL/medical, but also had Danish and German EASA ATPLs so that he does not have to get prior approval for any tests conducted there.

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