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if I was to get a PA-28 with a G-REG what would be the implications post brexit?
using SSEA rating to fly
I was told can fly UK NPPL(SSEA), but this reads cannot
also told by CAA my SSEA was also a virtual LAPL(A) have an email stating this, so can have lessons and rent Cessna's !!!
Think dates may be wrong on the CAA site??? extended 2020april??
I didn't get my SSEA until 8/2018

For example: The Cessna 172 is an EASA aircraft. The Tiger Moth is a non-EASA aircraft. Both are single engine piston aircraft. So if you have a Part-FCL licence, like a LAPL(A) or PPL(A) that allows you to fly with a single-engine piston rating you can fly both the Cessna 172 (EASA) and the Tiger Moth (non-EASA). But if you have a national licence, such as the UK NPPL(SSEA), after April 8th 2015 you can only fly the Tiger Moth.
You can use your NPPL SSEA for LAPL privileges on EASA aircraft until 2020 (which is when the current exemption runs to). It may or may not get extended further - my guess is the current exemptions will run on for some time but UK airspace and G reg only, stand fast whatever happens with Brexit. You cannot convert to a LAPL as you got your rating post April 2018, extension of the conversion route also needs addressing imho especially for the microlight people.