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@Bigbangman have you moved address since 1990 and not informed the CAA? Licence pages in what was then the new format were reissued in the noughties at least once, to addresses on file, but I think lots will have bounced back to sender.
@Paul_Sengupta Had your (10 year) RT licence expired in 2008 or would you plead the 5th on that? If the former, I can see why you didn't get the 4 language proficiency reprint then, if the latter, ditto. ;-)
That explains it. Reprints were sent out in 2008 for current r/t licence holders, so lifetime or 10-year-not-expired, got a reprint. I got a reprint without asking in 2004 and can't remember what that reprint scheme was for, I never asked for it.
Paul_Sengupta wrote:This prompted them to send me a new (blue, EASA style) UK licence.
As a recent recipient of this CAA UK - PPL to complement my (now) French EASA PPL - Im hoping Im covered UK & Europe now, whatever B****t happens. I was wondering how they work...ie keeping it valid.

I know the CAA PPL wont expire, but what about ratings? Are they 2 year revalidations like the EASA PPL? Will the hours I do in EASA aeroplanes count?

And dare I ask about Medicals? Can I just declare Im fit?
Or will the EASA Class 2 medical be OK (at least until March 29th/April12th/June/???)

Regards, SD..

PS: Im sure this is probably on the CAA website somewhere, but the last time I tried looking for something... well, I kinda lost the will to live after a while...

Regards, SD..
Not only do non EASA sep aircraft "count" but the CAA Sep reval can even count 3 axis Microlight hours with difference training of course. ,However any UK issued sep whatever licence has to use a UK examiner or 945 instructor for the actual final signature if "by experience", cannot understand why for EASA ppls. It is the one thing they could verify afterwards, whereas what actually happens in a prof check is behind a veil.
What is the French Sep reval process now? Can non french sign by experience revals?
Irv Lee wrote:What is the French Sep reval process now? Can non french sign by experience revals?

Thanks for the info Irv. The CAA UK-PPL is a "just in case" thing for me - Im generally flying French registered aeroplanes. I think I will make an effort to get it re-validated this first time, but thereafter as it doesnt expire just see how things pan out...

WRT your question: It is still possible to take your licence to the local DSAC office with 12hrs & an instructor signed hour to re-validate. It is now also possible to have an FE (a list is provided on the DGAC website) sign off in the same way as in the UK. When I get back home, I will ask what the rules are for Non-French FEs signing off.

Regards, SD..
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