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Hi all,

My SEP is up for revalidation at the end of May, and I'm currently in Australia and will be for some time. On this page it specifically mentions that you need a UK EASA examiner for revalidation by experience, but it doesn't mention anything about revalidating by proficiency check.

Is there any way I can do a proficiency check in Australia?

If you find an easa fe who is not a UK one, you must do a proficiency check flight, which would be difficult if he/she is not validated for such in Oz - same of course for UK one, but the reason for splitting them here is that if you did the hours there to earn a reval by experience, only UK appointed FEs (or 945s if they were involved) can sign for "by experience" revals in UK issued licences.
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Thanks for the replies!

I've actually decided to head back to the UK to do the proficiency check, among other things, which will be a lot easier than messing about trying to do it in a grey area over here!

So now that that's decided ... does anyone know what the check is like? How long does it last, and what do you have to do?

It is like a good club rental check with just one or two extras (eg abandoned take off and short nav leg). It usually takes about an hour. If your rating expires, a formal club (now called a DTO,or ATO) must provide a certificate to say you are ready for it, but same content for the flight.
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