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I have a PPL(A) SEP rating
I have a difference training done by an FI(A) allowing me to fly SLMG
Since, I have done (and paid) the paperwork and obtained the NPPL SLMG, hoping I could then convert it back to a TMG rating on my EASA PPL (A).

How can I obtain such conversion?

Is the TMG skill test the only possibility?

Just to clarify - Do you mean you have an (EASA?) PPL(A) with SEP, then did SLMG differences training and obtained a standalone NPPL SLMG? You don’t have any Motorglider class rating on your PPL?

I think you will need to do the TMG Class rating skill test to add the TMG to your PPL(A). Feel free to PM me if you need a school and examiner to do this.

[I don’t think national to UK conversion routes can be used as an alternative]
Ok I had this situation:


wanted to fly Grob109 at local club, was told needed NPPL SLMG, got one!

Then CAA proposed rules blaa... was told to get TMG added to PPL...

Was able to do so without any other flight tests, just sent evidence, i.e. log book and license + read this for form number: FROM CAA

"Your application has now been assessed and has found to fall short of the following:-

As you are applying for the issue of a TMG rating we require a completed Application for Issue of a Single or Multi-Pilot Class or Type Rating Including Powered Lift Aircraft (SRG1119A) to be submitted to us at your earliest convenience. Please accept our apologies that you were misadvised over the phone, as you already hold a Part-FCL PPL we are unable to accept the SRG1104 submitted.
Please note a fee of £121 is applicable for the issue of the TMG rating so please ensure the payment details section is completed."
I believe it depends on the date you gained your NPPL. Pre April 2018 you should be OK.

I followed the route you're describing. ISTR that there was a covering letter detailing the relevant regulation and explaining how I complied. It was a couple of years ago so may no longer be relevant.

(And I use it flying a Grob 109B)

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