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Hello guys,

Probably this topic has been touched many and many times, but I'm still having confusion about it.

I'm a ATPL frozen pilot, with an MCC/JOC , finally looking for a job, after my training.

I'm Italian, but I have a UK-issued CPL-IR, and ATPL groundschool / exams done in UK.

CAA presented a terrible scenario in case of "no-deal", because if it will happen, my licence won't be recognised anywhere other than in UK.

I'm not talking only about myself, but also with reference to my colleagues that are about to finish.

It's true from the other hand that the no-deal is only one scenario, and nobody knows what is going to happen, but that give cause for concern.

A UK resident could eventually find a Job in UK, but in my case, it will be more difficult coming from EU.
And, on the top of that, I won't have the possibility to aplly for a job elsewhere, with a non-EASA licence.

I received my licence few days ago, I think is too late for a conversion.

Does anyone have an idea for "possible" future plans ?
If a negotiation will occur, what will change ?

Thank you guys