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Has anyone had their EASA PPL (issued by the UK CAA) validated in S. Africa recently?

One sticking point appears to be extracting anything from the UK CAA within a reasonable time frame.

Another is the requirement by the SA CAA for all one's documents to be 'certified'. Whether that's certified by a solicitor, or notarised isn't easy to pin down. The expense of notarising 15-20 documents isn't appealing.

Thanks in advance, for any advice.
I had a tame traffic cop who took breaks at the airfield and knew what it was all about. I think an accountant is allowed too if you know one, they have a specific list of certifiers, will check my old emails.
I am told solicitors, police, "certain accountants" (?), and your bank!
The trouble is the old lags in the SA CAA who knew "what was what" and would be sensibly practical all walked out together a few years ago together, leaving rapidly drafted newbies in place who had no experience so just followed word for word processes with no "common sense adjustments" for things the process writers hadn't considered but were clearly ok or better. For example, I had a magistrate i knew (no not that one) witness copies for me a few times, that was acceptable for the old lags, but doubt it is now as "not on the list".
Looks like solicitor then. One thing which has been impressive with the SACAA has been same-day replies to emails, which compares with 9 weeks for the UK CAA if you're lucky.

Irv, another question.....to get a C182 on my SA PPL it looks like I have to have a check-ride and P1 hours on a 182, rather than accepting reasonable experience on a 172. Is that a SA difference?