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Looking at forms 2141 and 2142 to get a validation for EASA aircraft for FAA certificate holders, it seems to me that it might be impossible to get a visiting FAA pilot renting here as p1 in any sort of "vacation timeframe". It seems like 2141 could be quick (depending on whether something needs to come back from CAA after its submission or not) BUT it seems AFTER the 2141 process, a 2142 check on licence validity which I think takes weeks doesn't it? I had hoped that 2142 could be done in advance, but it doesn't look like it can,from the process suggested on the form.
Anyone found a way to short cut this for visitors?
@johnm I meant a normal G reg rental. Wouldn't uk based & operated N reg easa aircraft still require an easa licence or the validation form? I don't follow N too much.
@Cookie thanks, yes, in the period when ssea could no longer fly easa aircraft, i did suggest to a couple of rental schools that a rentable/training non easa a/c might be popular for a lot of pilots with with microlight ratings wanting to move to something heavier easily post 7/4/18 with the extra side effect of giving foreign licensed pilots something to fly easily, especially those with fewer than 100 hours. Trouble is I don't know anyone who has expanded into that line of rental for ssea. Does anyone?
@Grelly there userd to be some document available on the faa side which confirms radio privileges on an faa certificate internationally.