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By Phil737
Hi All,

I apologise in advance as I can see similar questions have been asked before, however my conclusion is that there are conflicting answers including speaking to the CAA and BMAA...

OK here goes.

My situation.
EASA PPL (SEP) with Class 2 medical - valid until March 2020
UK CAA PPL (SEP) with Class 2 medical - valid until March 2020

(I presume that when the examiner signed my proficiency check ride for (SEP) back in March 2018 and extended it through to March 2020, that it was OK for them to sign both EASA and UK CAA certificate of re-validation)?

My class 2 medical runs out in March 2019.

What are my options please for me to only fly C42 Icarus microlight. As it stands, investigating online, I believe that I can fly the C42 on my CAA UK PPL (SEP) following completing differences training. The instructor can then sign my logbook.

I can then accumulate hours credited in the C42 against the CAA PPL (SEP) licence only and use these hours as re-validation towards the SEP before the end of March 2020.

Given the above, do I still require a Microlight Rating for my CAA PPL (SEP) and therefore a GST or does the differences training suffice..?

What medical do I need to have in order to use the UK PPL (SEP) and fly the C42 - is it a class 2 or self declaration..?

I will keep my EASA PPL (SEP) current when the time comes, bearing in mind the medical will need to be renewed prior to flying.

Appreciate your assistance with this, to what seems like a relatively simple question but I cannot seem to find any definitive answer!

Many thanks
Partial answer:

You are correct about microlight differences training being required for a UK (and EASA) PPL. There is no such thing as a "Microlight Rating" for those licences.

Differences training signed up in your logbook applies to both the UK and EASA PPLs, and you are correct that microlight hours cannot be credited for Reval by Experience for your EASA PPL, but they can be (if 3 axis microlight) for your UK PPL.

Bear in mind that if you have the microlight hours to revalidate by experience the SEP Rating on your UK PPL in March 2018, but you do not have the required SEP hours, then you cannot Reval by Experience your EASA PPL SEP Rating.

Does this help?

I'll leave the medical question for somebody else to tackle.
@Phil737 first posted the same questions in the General Aviation forum, which has attracted useful replies.

Consequently I am locking the thread here, and suggest that anybody finding this thread in the future follows this link to the other thread.