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Hi all,

I'm about to start training for my PPL later this month but I've ran into a bit of a stumbling block before I've even started.

I was looking at the Class 2 Medical requirements and everything looks fine, but I went to my optician to check everything was to standard (I wear glasses/contacts) and he found a potential issue with regards to visual acuity and monocular vision.

My left eye: 6/5
Right eye: 6/60

Binocular: 6/5

Now looking at the CAA standards, my left eye meets the requirements but the right one doesn't. We also done a field of vision test (dot test) and he says my FOV isn't affected by the right eye being lazy.

I've emailed an AME to see if this is a deal breaker but so far no response.

Should I be as concerned about this as I am? I've been saving for years to do my PPL and now it seems like it might not happen if this is an issue.
I have a class 2 with monocular vision.
As long as your good eye acuity and visual fields are OK you undergo the medical but the certificate is suspended until a CFI confirms to the AME (there's a special form) that you are competent to undertake all phases of flight.
You then get a Class 2 - only restriction is goggles in open cockpit aircraft.