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I came across this new EU directive published 20 Dec 2018 which takes effect from 9 July 2019

It's mostly about Upset Prevention and Recovery Training for commercial pilots. Experienced instructors will be given extra training which they can then deliver themselves. 5 hours theory and 3 hours flight instruction for all new CPL/ATPL students. It's been in regulatory pipeline for some time. EASA FAQ page here

There seems to be a couple of unrelated changes squeezed in, specifically the number of ATPL exams reduced by one to 13 (by combining VFR/IFR communications). Anyone with an IR is now exempted 3 rather than 2 theory exams if they proceed to take CPL - the new combined communications exam is added to HPL and Met. I didn't spot any other minor changes, but might easily have missed some.

I had thought one of the major points of the new revised Basic Regulation was that references to "complex" aircraft would not be used. This new legislation is littered with the term, presumably because it's been in preparation for three years.

I don't think this will affect private pilots much. If you are taking a type rating for a complex aircraft (eg that shiny new TBM) then you might expect some additional upset recovery training.

Have I missed anything?