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Clogged with Brexit ATPL SOLI transfers I expect.

I have an expired JAR PPL to put through conversion. Boo.

(To what license it will be converted to is up in the air. As it stands, can’t be EASA in five weeks. No stated policy yet on what will happen for license issuing after that - I guess it will be the full revival of the UK PPL .)
Just received my new EASA PPL licence. It was a conversion from an old CAA lifetime PPL. Submitted 13JAN2019, received today. Great stuff, shame the paper licence doesn't fit the nice plastic folder and you can't cut it up. Probably something to do with Brexit.
Anyway, a question, am I right in thinking the old Night Rating no longer exists, as it doesn't appear anywhere on the piece of paper?
Not me but someone I know.

Initial application had an issue so missing details supplied and application put back in the queue 4th March.

Licence delivered yesterday (4th April).

Only posting as this thread is pretty much becoming the official 'how long are things taking' thread. So thought some may be interested.
Just caught this thread as I’m waiting for mine submitted couple weeks ago. Guess I won’t get too excited since their website says there’s a ‘Brexit backlog’ or some such thing.

Was surprised to hear you go back to the end of the line for something as simple as a piece of missing info.

Thank goodness they’re not responsible for anything important otherwise you’d imagine the inefficiencies could be widespread and which could lead to delays in all sorts of areas......