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By Igino89
Hello guys !
I'm here for a technical question.

Actually I have a ME-IR (done in November 2018) and a MEP passed 2 years ago and never revalidated.

My question is: do I need to revalidate the MEP in order to keep the MEIR current ?

For example, in most of airline applications, is required to have a valid MEIR.

Is it valid with an expired MEP ?

thank you
By Balliol
Yes it is valid without the MEP. The valid MEIR is required for the type rating course and first type rating issue, not the airline job per se
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By Flyin'Dutch'
How can you hold a ME-IR without a valid MEP?
By AlanC
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:How can you hold a ME-IR without a valid MEP?

Because they're 2 separate ratings, with separate privileges. EG when someone does an IR-SP-ME revalidation in a simulator, with no effect on any class ratings. It is a prerequisite for the IR initial course to have completed a MEP course first, but not to have been tested - the test and course remain apart. Much like integrated course students who do significant training on SEP aircraft, but never have a SEP rating issued. Even though their IR is endorsed with SE privileges as well as ME...

It wasn't so long ago that Kingairs, Cheyennes, etc were all flown with standard ME-IRs and the individual aircraft rating...
By Igino89
thanks very much !
I had this question because the school where I completed my training wanted me to renew my MEP.
But that's not a requirement for a future type rating, that's only for "piston" aircraft.
By BehyBill
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:How can you hold a ME-IR without a valid MEP?

To fly an MET or a twin jet?

Few zero to hero ATPLs took the MEP skill-test, nor got an MEP endorsed, you only need to multi-engine course to get a ME-IR, anyway later you do JOC and you get a lapsed SEP and then you never fly GA unless you can depart/enroute/land in controlled airspace :lol: