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Had a couple of occasions where people's rating are coming back only days before their temporary certificate expired. I'm also aware of an examiner who lost his privileges for a few days because of delayed CAA processing times.

Now in the grounds that this seems to be a perennial problem which the CAA doesn't appear to be able to resolve. How about allowing temporary certificates to be valid for 3 months?
I'd second that

I'd also extend the scope so that examiners could issue temporary certificates where otherwise you need to wait weeks before being able to exercise privileges gained. For example removal of LAPL only FI restriction after passing the CPL exams, becoming unrestricted FI after 100 hours instructing or a PPL having completed 5 hour night rating course.
It seems counterproductive too....I am a grounded FI waiting for the CAA FCL team to review my license....my temporary certificate has run out too....they say there’s a shortage of FIs out there ...well I know I’m not the only one.....3 months and the ability to reissue temporary certificates too if ‘things outside of our control’ occur I would support.

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