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By jaycee58
An MRI scan has showed that I have cervical canal stenosis along with dehydrated discs, a bulging disc and a kink in my spinal cord. In other words the top part of my spine appears to be a bit of a mess.

I sent a copy of the MRI report to my AME and my class 2 medical was suspended by email two hours later. Didn't really expect that! I'm still waiting to see a consultant so at the moment I have no idea whether or not surgery will be an option. I suspect I may be well down the list for that as I'm not in any kind of pain though as an ex-seafarer I can make use of the Dreadnought Seafarers Medical Service if need be. The only symptom I have is a sort of tight feeling (hard to describe) around my left shoulder. Once I have a report from a consultant the AME will then reconsider.

Just wondering if anyone has had successful treatment, surgical or non-surgical, for this type of problem and whether it was possible to get a class 2 afterwards?