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By 4535jacks
I have to surrender my LAPL as part of PPL application and the CAA (well one of their operators who didnt seem too sure) has said I cannot continue to tow gliders until my new PPL is issued despite having a NPPL(SSEA) and having been signed off by a BGA tug master (prior to Apr 18 this was all that was required to tow but since then if using an EASA licence you need the rating which I have).

I tow with a pawnee which is on an EASA CofA and is a G-reg.

Since general exception E4707 allows us to fly EASA aircraft on an NPPL till 7 Apr 19, can I therefore still tow on my NPPL while my licence is away?
By allout
1. I am not at all certain of any need to stop flying during whatever gap there is between LAPL(A) and PPL(A). Sounds as though you intend keep in the air (good!).
Given that your LAPL(A) had, and forthcoming PPL(A) will have, a towing rating, I can't understand the basis for that CAA advice.

2. Separately, as you correctly say, an NPPL(A) continues to be fine: with no requirement for any towing rating this 'no requirement' will continue while that licence is valid for EASA types.

3. As always, the BGA will give good advice.
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By 4535jacks
The CAA are saying that since i need to send my original LAPL WHILE my PPL is being processes and since I will not be in possession of my original LAPL I will not be able to exercise its privallges.
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By Paul_Sengupta
I heard a story recently where someone sent in a certified copy of their licence. About 4 weeks later the CAA contacted them and asked them to send the original. This person phoned the CAA, and the CAA said they didn't have to send it, they could scan it and e-mail it.

My mind turns to fuzz every time I try and look for logic in flight crew licensing.