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Hi all,

not sure I used the right wording in the subject. I hold an EASA PPL license issued in Switzerland with a Class2 medical as well. Cause I am living in the UK, I am considering to convert it with a UK issued EASA license.
The reason is that I do not want to go down to Switzerland for renewing medical and PPL. My medical expires in January and PPL in August.

I've found the flowchart on the CAA website. I understand that is better/faster if I hold a medical issued in the UK and I am wondering if I can renew my class2 in the UK (am I allowed to fly with a UK medical and a Swiss license?) and then ask the conversion of my Swiss license already holding a UK medical.

That's an opportunity, but I do not have any possibility to go back to Switzerland for renewing my medical in the next months. Last year I tried to renew my PPL in the UK, which is technically possible and I had to rush down to Switzerland to make the renewal cause I found no examiner want to make it for me. From my standpoint, holding local document is money/ time-saving.
I think the AMEs might confirm that you can do your medical here and data is transferred. If you transfer your licence, I think you might be forced into a radio exam. What is the process for revalidation by experience in Switzerland if the "by experience" route is what you mean to do? It can be different in different countries and a registered package sent to Switzerland might be preferable for you to a radio test.
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For AME should be fine.
For the licence:
- radio exam shouldn't be necessary. I already hold a valid Language Proficiency (EN) level 4
- revalidation process in Switzerland, for a Swiss PPL licence, is pretty simple: you pick up an examiner can make it and a plane and make a 1-hour flight where you test either safety procedures or navigation or other things (can't remember all, I am used to safety procedures). Finally, you sign documents and send everything to FOCA (federal office for civil aviation) which will send you the new licence and the bill. Instructor and plane are paid directly by you.
- revalidation process in EU for a Swiss PPL licence requires the instructor/examiner to sign an electronic form on the FOCA website. This will give back a PDF with standard Switzerland syllabus for revalidation. You do the same as above (as it is what the syllabus says), sign documents and send everything to FOCA.

In 2017 I struggled to find an examiner willing to do so and I had to make a trip back to Switzerland (twice, the first time we had bad weather). It is a bit impractical.

pilotamx wrote:For the licence:
- radio exam shouldn't be necessary. I already hold a valid Language Proficiency (EN) level 4

I don't think it is as simple as that. I think you will be asked to do a radio test, and I suspect the language assessment will not be allowed by the radio test examiner if you are not what the CAA call a "native speaker" and it will have to be done at a formal school. In other words, including transfer, I suspect many hundreds of pounds.
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The revalidation aspect on a Swiss ppl sep might have to wait to see what happens with the UK and Easa after Brexit but there is plenty of time.
If we remain in EASA you can ask the FOCA if they have any way for a UK examiner to sign a Swiss reval by experience (the UK doesn't allow it the other way round but that might just be us being odd), and if that is not allowed then you could do a proficiency check with a UK examiner in the final 3 months.
If we leave EASA then at least you have 6 months to sort it out providing all Easa licences remain auto-validated which i believe is the current intention. However in the case of UK leaving Easa but auto validating EASA licences you may decide you better off with a Swiss licence and just sorting out revalidation every two years.