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Hi I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I need to do to get flying again.
My jar-fcl pplA licence lost it's validty in October 2005 and due to circumstances i haven't flown since, but now im in a position to start flying again. I have now found that i need to convert my licence to an EASA licence however I need a current class 2 medical to do this. I went to my local AME and was told due to heart problems I would need to get a cardiologist report, the report was done but I won't get a class 2 but would probably be considered for a LAPL medical.
I'm hoping someone can tell me how I can use this medical. Btw I'm not guaranteed a pass there will be a few tests needed to pass if I fail is that it or is there any way i can get the nppluk licence on a self declaration medical.
Hope this makes sense and look forward to any answers
Hi tailbob, i was thinking that would be ok to do but my license became invalid after October 2005 and after looking at regs etc
MED.A.030 Medical certificates
(a) A student pilot shall not fly solo unless that student pilot holds a medical certificate, as required for the relevant licence.

(b) Applicants for and holders of a light aircraft pilot licence (LAPL) shall hold at least an LAPL medical certificate.

I don't think I can apply that way.
Hopefully I'm wrong and maybe it's already been done the way you suggest.
Ever hopeful
Hi again I have come across another hoop for me to jump through, I need to get an English proficiency test signed off to apply for the licence. Can anyone tell me who can do this my local ATO fe said he wasn't sure if he could, now the CAA on the phone tell me it's got to be an RT examiner.
Any ideas would be appreciated
Yes i see what you mean, but I can't get a class 2medical anymore but have a new lapl medical and was going to convert the ppl to a lapl when I applied. I was wondering about the self declaration medical which was suggested earlier in the thread but not sure if I can do the skill test with it