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By Igino89
Hello Guys,

I'm looking for some advices, suggestion for my absurd situation regarding the issue of my CPL licence.

I'm from Italy, with an italian EASA PPL(A), I did ATPL / CPL in UK.
After having passed the skill test, I applied for the issue of a new UK CPL.

Everything looked good, untill CAA asked me to send my old original italian PPL (because I can't hold two licences of different nationality at once).

The nightmare started when I sent it to Gatwick, and Royal Mail lost my licence somewhere (with a "safe" trackable next day delivery).

The problem now is that CAA can't issue the new CPL for me, without my previous licence.

There's nothing I can do with Royal Mail, because they confirmed that the mail is officially considered lost (I'm only eligible for a ridiculous compensation).

I really don't know what to do now, considering that trying to find my PPL is complicated or even impossible.

So now I can't have my PPL neither my new CPL, it's absurb !

Do you think that could be possible to convince CAA to issue the CPL with a police report of my lost licence ?

What can I do now ?

Thank you guys for any advice
Ask the Italian CAA either for a copy of your PPL or for them to write to the UK CAA that a PPL was issued.
By BehyBill
They need you to send you old licence ans check that they receive it as 1/ you can't hold X-CPL and Y-PPL in easa land and 2/ you cant have a CPL without a PPL

For 1/ I had the same moving from F-LAPL to G-PPL, they insisted on me sending my orginal F-LAPL while they do not care on issuing me with many G-PPLs each time I ask for a new rating :roll:

If you have a copy & police declaration & italian verification letter, they may issue you a CPL otherwise the simplest will be to ask italian CAA to sned you another PPL :thumleft:
So the CAA hasn't cleaned up its act then:

Ten years ago I sent the CAA by recorded delivery all the documentation to allow me to sit the IR exams>

It vanished-inside the CAA- it was tracked to being received in the CAAs own post room.

It never turned up and I had to drive to the FBO to pick up re-issued signed documents and take them to Gatwick as exam close date we days away.

In your case, write to the Italian CAA explaining the circumstances and get then to issue a new copy of PPL licence:

Pilots lose their licences all the time and in the greater scheme of things its no big deal: Far less inconvenient than losing your big fat juicy logbooks.

Since my problem above I now photocopy absolutely everything I send to the CAA and ask them to acknowledge receipt by email or text.

Co-incidentally they did just that today for some stuff I sent in this week.

PeteSpencer wrote:It vanished-inside the CAA- it was tracked to being received in the CAAs own post room.

I had something similar some years back. I had some correspondence to go to Kingsway. I was working up that way at the time so I thought rather than post it, I'd take it there personally. I went in and was told on the desk I should take it to the post room. I did. I handed it to the postal person in the room. It never got to the recipient...