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Hi all

I’m after some information and advice from all you knowledgable people. Apologies in advance for the length of the post.

I’m 53yo and have a uk CAA PPL issued in 1992.

I let the SEP rating lapse in 2009 and my IMC in 2005

I am now in position to resume flying and went for my class 2 medical which was granted however with a safety pilot endorsement due to having suffered from a kidney stone approximately 4 years ago.

My AME has requested a urological report/ review to include a letter and imaging after which the safety pilot endorsement can be removed if clear of stones which I obviously expect to be.

My questions are as follows;

Would a letter from the nhs consultant who did my operation to remove the stone be considered sufficient or as I suspect will Ineed a new scan and letter from a consultant to confirm I’m stone free? (It never occurred for me to ask my AME at the time and he’s not available to speak to this week)

If the new scan and letter are required has anyone been in a similar position and was it a straightforward process? Also anyone got idea of the cost bearing in mind I presume I’ll have to go private? ( I’m based in Newcastle but happy to travel if required)

Thanks in advance for reading

You'll need a new scan.

An ultrasound scan costs approx £80-120.
Morning Steve

Normally a copy of the paperwork relating to the previous episode (hospital letters from them to your GP) and an up to date ultrasound or abdominal x-ray is required. Your AME can tell you what he/she requires.

CAA document:

https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q ... N-GKkasPij
I had a suspected kidney stone 2 years ago and had to provide a written report to my AME from a Urologist following an Ultrasound... Cheapest ultrasound I could find was about £320 and I've got to get it done again at the 7th anniversary
On my initial problem (suspected renal stone) I was admitted to A&E and had a CT scan. Nothing was found and the report from this was presented to the AME and he was happy.... No restrictions.

Two years later (as per the doc linked above) I required another scan. I shopped around and even tried to get it on the nhs but in the end (understandably) had to go private. After explaining the reasoning behind needing the scan and showing a copy of the above document, I had an Ultrasound (i was told by the Urologist that an xray would not have been sufficient) and the report was sent to me and my GP. I provided a copy to my AME, It was duly accepted and I have no restrictions.

As per the doc above, I will have to go through the same process at year 7.

Edit to add:- all based on a Class 2 Medical and all accepted with no restrictions... so far.

Edit 2:- The private clinic required a referral from my GP in order to do the scan. I went to my GP, showed the Doc, explained the situation and got the referral all sorted within a week. (they move fast when you;re paying)
Once you have had a look at potential providers of an Ultrasound It might be worth going to see your GP and explain the reason you need one. Although very unlikely it is possible that you may be able to get one on the NHS.
Hi simon

I’ve got an appointment coming up with my GP so I may give that a go, nothing ventured I suppose.

Kanga , I was at Alton Towers with the kids over the holidays, think a letter from “The Wicker Man” ride operator would be accepted by the CAA :) might be with a try!


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Just a quick update and to close out this thread.

After getting an ultrasound scan which came back clear and digging out the original letters from the consultant to my GP in relation to my original diagnosis and treatment I have had the safety pilot endorsement removed from my class 2 and can fly solo.

Thanks for everyone’s help on this thread


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