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Hi all,

I'm a student pilot, I don't yet hold an FRTOL (though do need to do one relatively soon), and am currently rebuilding/restoring a microlight for my NPPL (currently taking lessons in my instructor's but will take lessons in my TST when it's done).

I'm aware the application window for 20% reimbursement closes on the 30th Sept. However the eligibility document refers to the fact that the claimant must hold a radio licence. Is this the FRTOL, or is this the licence for the aircraft to have the licence (which I presume my aircraft already has...)?

Are you making a fixed installation, or a handheld? As i pointed out in another thread, reminding the time's running out, youdo not need a FRTOL in order to own an aircraft radio. The CAA has a very clear web-based application and guidance-notes.

The radio itself needs to be licensed (London office ) If it's handheld (a portable) a 3-yearly licence (£15) for the set covers it's use in any unlicensed aircraft. ( in the case of a licensed aircraft, the portable set is covered as well. the operator has to hold a FRTOL
(that's another thing altogether.) The holder of a licenced portable does not need to own an aircraft of any description.
All irrelevant parts of the application are greyed-out if you are applying for a portable.

For a fixed installation, yes, you need a Registration -number to "hang " the rebate-claim on. though, AIUI, you can charge more than 1 portable and one panel-mount against any one aircraft andalso claim headphones ,Nav-radio and all hardware, but not any labour costs.

Note, AIUI, they accept a refund application before it's licensed...logical, really, as you won't have details like serial no. beforehand. A handheld in a panel-bracket , powered by it's own battery, is still a portable....don't ask about plugging in an intercom, charging supply, or external aerial :wink:

Go for it ! there's apparently shedloads of unclaimed rebate cash swilling around.
AFAIK, like motorcar "tax" the radio license is NOT transferable....so, if you bought an aircraft with a panel-mounted radio, you'd need to pay for a new license. If you are rebuilding/repairing an aircraft you already have an unexpired , valid equipment license for you don't have a problem.....likewise if you have a transportable license,AIUI it's the holder,not the individual set that's licensed.....if that's wrong, it'll be on the comprehensive claim form, which , by now you should have googled and printed off.

Send license application to Kingsway, IIRC, December 1 is the date that Comms licence issue reverts to OFCOM, though, perversely, frequency-allocation will be courtesy of the CAA.

There must be a good reason for such streamlined and joined-up thinking !

License applications take about a week. rebate applications take about a year (though Tranche 4, apparently, will only take about 2 months! ...go figure!