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Hi everyone,

I have an EASA PPL with SEP rating, and my SEP expires on 31st May 2019. I did an hour with a UK instructor in June 2018 so all I need to do now is make up the 12 hours (with 6 PIC, 12 takeoffs/landings) and I should be able to revalidate by experience.

I'm working/travelling in Australia until at least August 2019, and I'm hoping to get myself a CASA licence to do some hours over here in the next few months. This should easily give me the chance to meet all the criteria for revalidation by experience of my SEP before May next year.

My question is this: assuming I do manage to get the remaining hours in before my SEP expires, is there any way I can do the revalidation without having to fly back to the UK with my licence, logbook and revalidation form? I know that I need a CAA instructor to sign the form and the page in my licence, but is there any way I could do this by post?

Failing that, does anyone know a CAA instructor who lives in Australia that I could make contact with? It's no big deal if I have to make a trip home for a few weeks to sort this out, but of course I'd much rather find a way of doing it without leaving Australia!

Thanks for your help.
Any UK CAA-authorised examiner may sign the certificate of revalidation after reviewing the relevant logbook entries. There is none formally listed as being based in Australia.

For instructors with an FCL.945 endorsement I would call around the schools. I know you meet Australians in the queerest of places, I met two hiking in the middle of nowhere in Greenland once, but British instructors are equally prolific and I'd be surprised if there isn't one knocking about there. The only instructor who may sign a certificate of revalidation is the one who gave the flight training and the signature cannot be placed after the rating has expired.

If you do obtain an Australian private pilot licence with a single-engine aeroplane class rating and should prefer not to send your Part-FCL licence and logbook by post to UK then, once the latest proposed amendment to the Aircrew Regulation takes effect and I expect it will before May, you will be relieved of the requirement to undergo an evaluation or refresher training at an ATO before attempting a proficiency check to renew the SEP.

It will of course be easier to post the documents but I would make signed copies of the relevant logbook pages instead of posting the actual logbook.
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