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Hypothetically speaking...

Say you'd just passed your IR(R) test and sent off all the paperwork, including a photocopy of your licence which showed that your instructor had revalidated your SEP(A) rating for two years...
And then you got your licence back from the CAA, which had your old SEP(A) rating on it, along with your shiny new IR(R) rating... but no mention of your revalidation signoff.

And assume that your original SEP(A) validity period expired at the weekend.

Should the licence have come back with the revalidation printed on there, or is it up to you to go back to your instructor and get them to re-sign it? (Assume it's your first time post-revalidation getting a new rating put on there)

Would you actually be legal to fly in the mean time?

Asking for a friend :roll: (who will be on the phone to the CAA tomorrow asking them to sort it out).
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No can say. Usually caa happy to sort out this sort of mistake as you had prior proof, you are not asking for backdated signature
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Irv Lee wrote:Usually caa happy to sort out this sort of mistake as you had prior proof, you are not asking for backdated signature

Ah, that's good to hear, thanks. I've already dropped them a mail with my query - hopefully will get a response back swiftly as I'm on a course on the next couple of days so calling might be difficult.

My instructor's already said he's happy to re-sign it but isn't around until the end of the month, so the best thing is if I can get the CAA to send through a correctly updated one with the IR(R) and the SEP(A) reval both on there. Fingers crossed ;)

Fortunately I kept the original so still have all the proof etc.

Reminds me of the DVLA 'losing' motorcycle entitlements when sending out new photocard driving licences a few years back. Always check your documents is a lesson I've learned!

(Oh yeah, hypothetically, of course ;))
If you sent the CAA a copy of your licence showing it as you say, they have missed it (their mistake) during the reprint and you should ring them and ask for a priority reprint and send of new print. I would also check that they have your SRG1119E on file for the revalidation as I have had multiple dramas with the not updating people’s records recently (including them saying I didn’t have evidence of a current IR, cue multiple phone calls and eventual apology a week later)