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By amblikai
Hi Folks, apologies for asking a question which i'm sure has been asked many times before. I've had a search through previous threads but i'm just getting myself more confused!

I'll get straight to the point.
My last flight (PIC) was September 2016. Is it a simple case of some lessons to get rid of the rust and then a proficiency check? Or do i need to go through the full skills test again?

I've spoken to 2 different instructors and one said full skills test, the other said a simple proficiency check.

Secondly, as part of the lessons to shake off the rust, can i go for night rating/differences training? Or do i need to be fully licenced/current before doing that?

Thanks for the help.
By malcolmfrost
He/She said it was a PPL!!
The form you need to look at is SRG1157 excluding 3b and 6. Note you don't need to do a diversion and it's a short nav sector, mine was Popham to Chieveley Services just North of Newbury!!
Standards document 14 Appendix 1 is the document describing the test.
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By malcolmfrost
No worries!
Incidentally I used a local instructor who is in teh LAA coaching scheme so if you are a member that may be an option.
allout, no problem, it's the first time I've actually known something about licensing!
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By Irv Lee
amblikai wrote:That's good to know thanks, when you say its abbreviated. Is there any guidance on how abbreviated it is? Like what is missed out etc?

Easa produce recommendations on number of flights to renew against number of months/years expired (giving away simply by doing so that they have never had practical experience of renewing expired GA pilots)...., but fortunately, unlike most other things where they don't know what they are doing, it is a recommendation. Ignored so much that its only effect is to give me extra paperwork writing in the "student" record why Easa recommendations were not used for every single renewal I do. Thanks Easa, well done, great job.
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By Irv Lee
amblikai wrote:I'll get straight to the point.
My last flight (PIC) was September 2016. ....
I've spoken to 2 different instructors ... .... and one said full skills test

Go on, tell us, you know you want to.... :roll:
(NOT name, just whether fi, cri, cfi, caa, examiner, type of school (ppl, commercial) and area of country would be interesting enough)
Also, as well as what they want, nothing to stop you doing whatever you want too (eg differences training). They just have to be prepared to certify you ready for a standard sep prof check.
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By T67M
amblikai wrote:I've spoken to 2 different instructors and one said full skills test, the other said a simple proficiency check.

If the instructor said FULL Skills Test then they are mistaken, but the practical difference between the required proficiency check and the full Skills Test is small - all the same basic manoeuvres are required to the same standard, but some of the navigation elements are shorter or removed completely. If they had just said "an LPC" would you have understood? Maybe they just said "a skills test" (not full, no capital letters) as a shorthand to get the core message across, especially if they were pushed for time.
By amblikai
Yeah i'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one and assume they were basically meaning "pretty much the skills test".

I'd like to do both my differences training on an Arrow and my night qualification as part of my shaking the rust off, then just focus on some airwork/nav.

Can't wait to get back flying to be honest.
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By Paul_Sengupta
I don't know if it's changed now, something tells me it has, but it used to be that before your rating expired, it was called an LPC (proficiency check), and after it has expired, it's called an LST (skills test). It was/is pretty much the skills test, but for the LST you must have training and a course completion certificate, even if the reason the rating expired was because of the lack of a signature in time, nothing to do with flying skills or experience. (EASA... :roll: )