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By lynnm

The more I look the more I’m getting myself confused, can someone point me in the right direction on what actually my old PPLA CAA licence is still valid or good for?

I do have a EASA licence, (out of medical currency at the moment, just due to not rebooking yet) but still have my old UK issued lifetime licence.

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By kanga
.. I can't even remember! It didn't seem like much after paying for the last spate of lessons and the gft. But yes, it was predecimal. I do remember the landing fees on my qxc: 7/6 at Ipswich but an extortionate 10/6 at Biggin Hill, for a C150 :shock:
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By lynnm
HI - thanks for the link etc,
is the Old Brown CAA licence Part-FCL? then if not the exemption is not valid for that licence to fly on.

I have i my mind that the PPL(A) is ICAO compliant, but its not a part-FCL (confused)
lynnm wrote:is the Old Brown CAA licence Part-FCL? then if not the exemption is not valid for that licence to fly on.

No, it's not part FCL. No, the exemption is not valid for it. It doesn't need to be. The medical declaration is *for* a UK licence. The exemption is for using a medical declaration with a part FCL (EASA) licence.
By Bathman
Looking back. Why did we ever embark on this.

I had a guy on Saturday with 3 different licences. One of the ratings on one of the licences was current. And out of sheer fortune it was the aircraft type he was flying.

Just think if we had simply kept the UK PPL. If you want to go abroad get a class 2 medical. If not a med Dec for UK only.

So easy
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By johnm
All of the complexity is to allow as many people as possible to fly. If we wanted to keep it simple we could just have EASA PPL and Class 2 Med.
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But, johnm, surely you'd be allowing just as many people to fly, and more simply, if we could adopt Bathman's system. Here's your Private Pilot's Licence, if you want to fly in the UK tick here to say you're fit, if you want to fly elsewhere then they need you to have a medical with an AME.

In fact, that would leave more people flying because I know of people who have given up in the last few years simply because it was all too difficult and they couldn't see how they would carry on. Even now, as we get more used to the situation, it can still be confusing and we are constantly told the world will change next April, no June, no November, okay the April after that.