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Another question regarding LAPL medicals and self declaration, where this thread started out. Do I need separate medical declarations for an NPPL and for a LAPL?

My medical declaration made for my NPPL states that it is for an NPPL, it's one of the tick boxes. If I now want to get an LAPL, do I have to complete another medical declaration and tick LAPL?
The last time this question came up, we were 95% sure that a declaration is a declaration, and no, you don't need to declare against a different licence - the licence part is just for their information gathering rather than a statement of intent.

Never admit to being 100% certain of anything! :D

There's the thread here where this was talked about with one person refusing to accept this. :D You can read the thread if you like, but well, it might just confuse matters.

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By Irv Lee
Irv Lee wrote:Did it involve the GP ?

Some will know why I asked my question....!
The online self declaration and the paper one the GP signs (which is also a self declaration but with GP counter-signature) are totally different animals, and the answer to the posed question is different, depending on which it is.
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Irv Lee wrote:
Irv Lee wrote:Did it involve the GP ?

Some will know why I asked my question....!

Irv, I was not one of those who knew but mine was a self-declaration involving no-one but myself.
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By trapdoor
Ok. Opening a can of worms no doubt.... but here goes.

Due to personal issues I’ve been out of the loop since last year. But April 2019 is fast approaching and having a look through the forum I can’t see anything new regarding the medical self-declaration which was extended a year in 2018 to a great fanfare (by some of us) but now seems to have all gone very quiet on the matter.

I know that if it isn’t extended I need to start the AME hunt now to get something booked in, assuming I can find one reasonably local. As has been said, if CAA aren’t going to extend it, there may be an awful lot of people looking for an AME in April!

If I’ve missed the discussion, sorry. Did a search and not much other than the old threads popped up.
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By trapdoor
Indeed ... so 2020 now. Just surprised it hasn’t been discussed here (that I can see). It would be nice if they would just say “... until revoked” rather than putting an arbitrary end date that has for the past two years been extended by a year.

Doesn’t appear the conditions have changed materially (for my circumstances anyway).
That is only for NON-EASA aircraft...

The Medical Declaration is an affirmation of your medical fitness to fly and to exercise the privileges of either a:
•EU Part- Flight Crew Licensing (FCL) Private Pilot Licence (PPL) to fly non-EASA aircraft,
•EU Part-FCL Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) to fly non-EASA aircraft,
•National Private Pilot Licence (NPPL),
•UK Private Pilot Licence (UK PPL), or a
•UK Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Balloons that is restricted to commercial operation and the privileges of a UK PPL (Balloons and Airships).

Further down the page it states...

Flying EASA Aircraft

You cannot use a medical declaration to fly an aircraft that has an EASA certificate of airworthiness or permit to fly, unless you possess an EU Part-FCL PPL or a LAPL with an appropriate medical for that aircraft at the time of the flight. EU Part-FCL PPL holders will need an EU Class 2 Medical Certificate. LAPL holders will need a LAPL medical certificate.

There is an EU exemption that allows UK national licence holders to fly certain EASA aircraft until April 2018 that is limited to sailplanes, balloons and visual flight rules (VFR) flight in single engine piston aircraft no greater than 2000 kg MTOM with a maximum of 3 passengers.

This is where all the confusion lies ... the date therein about Self Dec for EASA aircraft still states April 2018, but that was amended at the 11th hour last year to April 2019, and hence my query which Irv has answered and pointed to a doc that now says April 2020

It really is no wonder people ‘get it wrong’ and are accused of not reading and understanding the regs ... apart from Irv’s link, doing a search brings up very little about dates for self Dec for LAPL and EASA aircraft that is correct.