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Checked with fedex - they told me no tracking numbers for my address. Called CAA, they gave me the tracking number..... :roll:

Was sent yesterday and failed delivery today because I'm at work - should be able to pick it up from the depot on the way home though :thumright:

I have to say, I've called the CAA a few times and apart from a bit of a long waiting time sometimes, they've been really helpful and approachable.
I have also been delayed in receiving my licence and I have submitted the following complaint to the CAA. I strongly suggest those that that have had similar issues with the CAA also do the same. :thumright:

http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplic ... x?appid=55

Dear CAA Team,

I have recently submitted my PPL (H) licence and I would like to make a formal complaint regarding the duration taken to process the licence.
My licence was submitted to you on the 3rd of September and as of the 26th of September, I have still not received my licence.
I have spoken to your licencing team on two occasions, to check the licence has been received and today to check the status of process. On both occasions that I called your team the person I spoke to was very polite and helpful.
The delay in the CAA processing licences has potential safety implications because newly qualified pilots waiting for their licence’s need to maintain their skill level by flying frequently, in my opinion and my instructor’s opinion too, it we should be flying for at least an hour every week (weather permitting). Some newly qualified pilots may not want to pay for a certified instructor to sign off their flight under supervision at a cost of £150 per hour.
If I fly for one hour every week for 4 weeks whilst you process my licence, that’s £600 in additional costs as a result of the CAA’s delays in processing my licence.
The cost of learning to fly and pass my PPL (H) is over £33,000, and therefore the cost of your licence application at £191 is a very small proportion of the overall cost of learning to fly.
I would rather pay double or triple for my licence to be processed promptly (preferably within 5 working days). The additional revenue generated by the increase in cost to general aviation licencing, would allow the CAA to employ more staff so that the licences are processed promptly.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

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