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Hi Guys

Skills test for initial LAPL issue passed more than 2 weeks ago and have been waiting for the school to complete the paperwork. They assured me it would be done within a few days and they'd post it off for me - but after chasing a few times I got a call from them last night saying they need me to come up as they need 4 (!) more signatures on it.

I'm going to grab it all and send it myself so I know its done, but want to be 100% sure that its correct, with the current wait times I want to make sure its not returned. What are the reasons these applications are normally returned? Any common gotchas or things to look out for?

I know I need

- The form itself, signed by the relevant examiners etc
- Photocopy of my photocard driving license, stamped and signed by the school
- Photocopy of my medical, stamped and signed by the school
- QXC form, signed by the relevant people
- Skills test report, signed by the examiner
- Test notification email
- My original logbook

Also, has anyone applied for/received a new issued LAPL/PPL recently and can advise how long it took?

My ppl was 'looked at ' after 12 working days. That was an online application on a friday evening.
That application only required:
Course completion certificate - signed by all relevant examiners
Skills test report
Verified Photocopies of passport and medical

Once processed, my licence was sent next day by fedex.

Hope this helps
very recently, after a couple of decades of accepting b/w id photocopies, they have returned applications because the photo id copy/scan was not in colour. I guess if you upload directly from a scan, it would be, but I think everyone has been getting a copy endorsed as 'true copy' and then using that either online or by post, and the chances are it would be from a b/w copy if you didn't know.
My PPL(G) took 4 weeks back in June. I had a PPL(A) and radio license since 1996 but they sent an email saying I needed an English language proficiency certificate. Luckily, a friend of mine is an examiner so was able to email one to them.
I also paid the extra £10 for secure delivery. My license etc was delivered by the same carrier and on the same day as another guy who did the skills test the same day as me and he didn't pay the extra.
Ask them why they arent letting you do the online application - it will be much quicker. Unfortunately a lot of schools are stuck in the comfort zone of the old paperwork method

(ps and not trying to stir it up, but I find it very unusual for a candidate to leave on day of test without everything signed and ready to submit, after all everything should be complete for the examiner to conduct the skills test)
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Don't get me started on that. The school has been wonderful in many ways, but a bit too laid back in others. The paperwork comfort zone is a real thing, I'm sure if I asked I could have done it that way but I'd worry about them getting their bit wrong, so opted for paper.

The examiner (who's the head of training at the school and needed to sign quite a lot of the form) asked if I was in a hurry for the paperwork as he was a bit pressed for time... me being nice said "no dont worry, I'm back in a few days anyway so we can sort it then". He only works a few days a week and had some time off ill so it took a few weeks to get it back.

Never mind though, its done, it was signed for in the post at the CAA this morning, time to start counting the days!
Grumble grumble - they advised 16 working days when I called to check they got it and today is the 16th working day since. Chased it a few days ago to see if it was on track and they advised it was now 17 working days, but still not seen payment taken

Haven't flown for a few weeks because of the silly 10 hour rule not counting till after license is in my hand - and of course its a bank holiday weekend now :(
Yeah I'm not going to delay things too far, but one of the things I've been dying to do is share it with people. There's only so many hours I can afford to do, so it feels like a partial waste to fly if the hours dont get me closer to sharing the experience with friends and family