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By T67M
I'm in the same trap - lapsed IR(r) on my EASA licence and three attempts to renew the IR(r) have run into time and/or instructor shortage issues, but until the IR(r) is valid, I don't want to add a UK/CAA licence to my little blue book.

I can feel a week off work coming up...
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By skydriller
Some of you may like to know that I sent off all the paperwork at the beginning of December to have a UK-PPL in addition to my UK issued EASA PPL.
The CAA took £57 and it arrived last week.

It may be a little late, but the idea is that I can SOLI my UK issued EASA-PPL for a French EASA-PPL. As I fly French registered Aeroclub aeroplanes, Im hoping this will future Brixit-proof me for both Europe and the UK.

(No doubt there are reasons my logic is flawed, but it sounded reasonable to me..!!)

Regards, SD..
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By skydriller
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Which form did you use to apply for the UK PPL?
Let's hope the DGAC are a little quicker issuing a licence!

I used the JAR -> EASA form SRG1104 with cover letter explaining what I wanted.

For PPLs you deal with the local DGAC licence office face to face, and they told me it is "about a month", but is really CAA document release dependant.. :|
I was also told that usually they have one licence conversion a year, but have had 6 in the last 6 months...

Regards, SD..
By Mickey75
Hi skydriller,

Can I confirm you already had the EASA PPL (A) and you were just applying for the additional UK CAA PPL (A)?

If so did you have to send certified copies of you EASA licence?
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By skydriller
@Mickey75 ,

Yes, you need a CFI signed copy of your EASA licence & Passport/ID, I also sent a covering letter explaining why I was applying for one.

Regards, SD..