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By James33
Hi (cross posted from Euroga).

I am quietly but quickly discovering the world of N-reg flying in Europe.

I have helped one of my aviation English students organise a meeting with an FAA examiner to complete the sign off for his 61.75 “Piggyback” licence and he now has the provisional piece of paper issued after the meeting.

According to the examiner, and according to my own interpretation of what I have read online, he must now complete a “Biannual Flight Review” with an FAA instructor in order to operate his N-reg aircraft outside French airspace.

However (and this is what sparked this thread) I called one of my other former students to ask who he did his BFR with, and the response was “I didn’t, it’s not necessary”. I got the same response from a couple of other French pilots flying with 61.75’s based on their French EASA PPLs.

The questions I have are therefore the following:

1. Is the BFR necessary?
2. Does the FAA instructor also need an EASA FI qualification to charge for instruction carried out in France?

Any advice much appreciated :-)
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Without a BFR an FAA license (sic) cannot be used.

Whether the instructor also needs an EASA licence and instructor qualification will depend on the French position in relation to this, certainly in the UK an instructor who wants to be paid for doing flight instruction (and yes a BFR is flight instruction contrary to what the previous poster wrote)