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By kestrel539
For the usual boring reasons when you get old, I need to resurrect my NPPL.
I’ve managed to find pages 3 and 4 of my old licence, but cannot find the other 2 pages.
Any one any idea how I go about getting a replacement?
Happy with the on line med self dec, and my PPL revalidation is still in date.
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By Cookie
Just ask the CAA to reprint a new copy of your national licence, and provide certified evidence of your Certificate of Revalidation. Email to fclweb (at) caa.co.uk. They may charge you a small administrative fee (~£20) but it shouldn't be more than £35. It should also come back as an A4 sized licence with a lifetime Radio Telephony licence entered in the flightcrew licence, if you previously held one.

If you're a LAA member, please do get in touch if you have any problems.

ATB Cookie
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By Irv Lee
Surely it depends what you have now... from the descriptions in the op, I read it as you might have a valid uk ppl (pre jar) with valid Sep rating plus U.K. self declare medical, and also have an nppl with unknown rating and unknown validity, but can only find half the nppl licence pages.
If that is so, do you need to do anything? I think not. You just fly with your uk ppl, Sep, and uk self declare medical, don't you? (If that is what you have.)
By kestrel539
I have a UKPPL(A) issued 01/89, and a FCL PPL(A),issued 12/13. Revaladation for both still in date.
Went NPPL in 2003, and then back to Uk PPL in 2008.
My NPPL was issed 02/03, and I ceased revaladating that in 2008.
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By Irv Lee
I am trying to think of any disadvantage in using the uk ppl plus SEP plus self declare medical over the obvious disadvantage (cost) of the nppl reprint and ssea renewal test, and haven't come up with anything yet. Anyone?
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By Balliol
The only thing is that adding additional ratings on NPPL can be easier (e.g adding SLMG is easier than TMG as only needs differences training)
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By Irv Lee
Ok, I will see your slmg, and raise with a "but what about microlights? (Differences training only on an SEP) , & possibility to use 3axis hours for Sep reval on uk ppl"