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I previously held a valid UK MEP(land) rating and applied for a MEIR. Now my licence has come back and the MEP rating is longer endorsed in Ratings, certificates and Privileges under SEP(Land) and is no longer listed in the certificate of revalidation under my SEP(Land) rating.

My MEIR is listed under the Certificate of Revalidation section as "IR-SP-ME Class/SE"

However, how can I exercise the privileges of the IR if I no longer hold a valid MEP rating? Have the CAA accidentally deleted my MEP rating when issuing my MEIR?

Or does the "ME Class" of the IR endorsement mean I can fly Multi-Engine piston aircraft in both VFR and IFR and that my MEP rating is now tied to my MEIR with a single revalidation date?

Thanks in advance,

Not again! When they issued my MEP they moved my non-expiring Sailplane Towing Rating to the back page.

Next week I am submitting an application to add Night training to my FI(A) rating. God knows what privilege they will remove this time.......