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By Irv Lee
@Cookie problem with that is
(a) it was both (2 ratings) so he would be setting off two other work streams and all he wanted was his reprint
(b) it just adds time, and bmaa currently have very strange trouble making ideas in this area, odds are they would start asking the examiner if he has a microlight rating instead of attacking the real issue. (I suspect he does, but that is irrelevant).
c) pilot usually used me for reval over the years and as he had no idea what a srg1157 was, he asked me first.
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By Irv Lee
Well, his simple reprint arrived today, in the post, not courier which had been paid for. Refund requested.
That makes 6 weeks after sending his reprint application with full documentation- no further documentation was sent despite their time-wasting unnecessary requests, but it will not appear in their measurements as such as they asked him a form that had nothing to do with it. I suspect he will be part of their success story.