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By pembroke
Query from several local microlighters (3axis). To obtain NPPL(SSEA) , using NPPL(M), I’ve found a quote from Cap 804, plus talking to a couple of clubs offering this training and the LAA. “Conversion training as necessary”, to include, minimum 1 hour Instruments, 2 hours stall, spin awareness, etc. Two Grd. exams and training by either FI or CRI. What I can’t find is whether this has to be carried out under a DTO/ATO, or can this be done by a CRI/FI, independently, bearing in mind this is a rating addition, not an ab initio licence, and a CRI can give the training?
Many thanks for any replies.
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By Cookie
Has to be done under an ATO/DTO.

ATO/DTO not required when training for addition of a class rating to a NPPL.

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By MattL
You’ll need to get registered to a DTO for the ground exams now on e exams but there are many around that would be happy to help I’m sure
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By YorkshireMatt
In addition to the 1 hour instrument familiarisation and 2 hours stall/spin, and the 2 ground exams, you also have to pass a navigation assessment and a GST in the SSEA aircraft. You can’t just do the training, you have to retake your Nav and GST too.
By DavidC
Although not mentioned above, I believe that no Part-MED medical certificate is required for rating issue - an existing personal medical (self)declaration will suffice.

I also believe that ORS4 1486 permits an NPPL(M) licence holder to fly solo in a Part-21 aircraft as a student, whereas an ab-initio student would require at least a LAPL medical. Solo time is not required for the SSEA class rating conversion, but a useful confidence builder.

Happy to be corrected if my assumptions are wrong.