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Hi all,

Hopefully this is the correct board... I'm interested, at a very high-level, in understanding what hoops one needs to jump through in order to import and use an aircraft from outside the G-reg sphere of influence...

Say an aircraft in the Irish register? One from Italy or France?

There seems to be a lack of affordable (OK so everyone has a different barometer for 'affordable' :) ) aircraft and I sometimes spot something of interest abroad only to wonder how much hassle(!) it might be to bring into the UK. And whether that hassle is at all worth a small saving or increase in available aircraft types.

If anyone has any experience or insight or reference material, I'd greatly appreciate the steer.

Are you talking "importing" or "importing and converting to G reg"? There is a huge difference.

Anything on a standard ICAO CofA may be "imported" by paying the VAT (Duty on an aircraft that has a CofA is zero). Flying it is then subject to the minefield of "operator" residency dogs-breakfast.

Converting to a UK CofA happens after the import and is another minefield entirely; depending on Export CofA from source country and CAA wishes at the time of conversion, as well a maintenance status at that time.

Permit (or Experimental) is different again..........