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I've just done a local pilot's aerobatics training and he is about to apply to CAA to have the Aerobatic Rating added to his licence.

I notice that CAA want his original (as in real, not a certified copy) log-book to be sent with the application form (SRG2157).
Does anybody know why they want this? Everything they need to know would appear to be already on the form and/or the certified copy of his licence.

I'm not sure I can think of a valid reason.
riverrock wrote:They enjoy bureaucracy?
They enjoy reading bad handwriting?
They don't trust people to fill in a form correctly ( in which case, why bother having a form)?

You forgot...

They have to create the illusion that they're going to check something, in order to create the illusion that the fee is justified.
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I'm not sure I can think of a valid reason

Presumably if the logbook gets lost in transit, or even gets lost by the CAA, they can collect a £105 fee for the first interview at Gatwick, before deciding how much they are going to charge for the second interview fee before they decide whether what you have claimed to exist in your logbook is genuine, even though it was written by you, and they have no idea whether you were telling the truth when you wrote it. :roll:

https://www.caa.co.uk/Commercial-indust ... -logbooks/
I'm sure I read somewhere on FCL recently that original logbook could also be a certified copy with the front page signed. I have a feeling it also said that it only needed the 'relevant logbooks', but left it up to you to decide what they were. I'll try to dig it out.

Ah, found it.