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By Parnassus

I hold an EASA PPL (FR) and I’m looking for an EASA instructor near London for a 1hr flight (to reach the revalidation minima).

Let me know if you have any recommendation.

Many thanks !
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By Cookie
Happy to help with EASA instructing or examining. Midlands based conducted through EASA ATO.

In accordance with EASA Examiner Differences Document and associated procedures, you will need a French examiner or DGAC to endorse Revalidation of your Class Rating in your licence.

https://www.easa.europa.eu/sites/defaul ... 2021Q2.pdf


ATB Cookie
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By skydriller
@Parnassus My first French EASA revalidation was done last year by an examiner using the DGAC/FFA online tool. So as long as you can get your instructor hour you could prob90 get a friendly DGAC examiner (someone you already know?) in france to do the "paperwork" remotely... :wink:

Regards, SD..
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By AndyR
The DGAC were happy for the instructor hour to be flown with an EASA FI, so long as it was evidenced and a copy of said FI licence was sent to them, along with a copy of logbook. They will then send a new copy.

@Cookie , useful document that :thumleft:
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By skydriller
I think I have only twice ever "conventionally" revalidated ratings by having the instructor & examiner from the same country as my licence state of issue. It has become second nature to me that when flying with an instructor to get them to a)sign my logbook and b) give me a copy of their licence.

Regards, SD..
By Rallye
I have a EASA PPL delivered by Belgium.
Every two years,i do an hour with a french FI.I ask him a copy of his instructor licence and i mail it with a copy of my log book to the Belgian authorities and i never had a problem.They deliver me a new licence (paper)
The only difference,if i did it with a Belgian instructor,he may put it straight on my licence and i haven't to manage with the authorities.
A renewal done via the authorities costs about 200 euros...done by the instructor 0 euros.
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By Rallye
townleyc wrote:I would have thought EUR200 would be a good enough excuse for a quick flight to Belgium


That"s not stupid ...Except that the weather is not always good and making a meeting with an instructor in Belgium and then cancelling it. :pale:
By Parnassus
Thank you guys, I flew with an EASA instructor in the U.K., emailed a copy of his licence + logbook to the DGAC and will get a new licence soon.

Great help from this forum !
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Hi @Parnassus , I'll be in the same boat in a couple of months. Did this go through ok? How much did the DGAC charge you?