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By Capt Edmund
Fairly obscure question for FIs out there. Has anyone had the LAPL-only restriction on their FI Certificate removed after completing the CPL theory? I'm in that position now and can't work out the process and evidence that FCL will want and they haven't answered my query yet. SRG1133 should be the answer but it doesn't state LAPL-removal as an option. The closest would be applying for FCL945 privileges but it's not really directly related.

Anyone been through this?

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By Cookie
Don't think there is a specific form for it? SRG1131 is probably the best form: fill in Box 1-5, box 6 write 'Removal of LAPL only restriction' and tick FI(A), strike through boxes 7/8/9/10, fill in box 11, strike through 12/13/14 and fill in box 15. Send your form & dosh.

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By Capt Edmund
For reference in case anyone searches for this in the future, the answer was SRG1133 as if applying for FCL945 privileges along with a covering letter explaining what you are after. As for all licence applications you'll need to include a certified copy of your current licence to prove your ratings/certs. Well, that's what FCL told me to do anyway and it seems to have worked!
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