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By wingover
Hello all,

Just moved to Portugal from Canada and want to get back to flying. I used to fly microlight 15 years ago. My goal is to buy something like a TL2000 or a VL3 and do some cross country flights.

The school here offers a British licence (microlight) but I am a bit confused as to the weight restriction as the planes I am looking to eventually buy are still "ultralight" but close to the 600 KG. The licence I think is limited to around 450 kg so how can you have an Ultralight license but fly 600 KG?

Any help on what the minimum licence that would allow my to fly something like a TL2000?

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The detail's not been fully decided yet, but the BMAA web site has a section on what's expected. There's a section on licensing at the bottom of this page. Basically, to the best of my limited understanding that a UKNPPL(M) will allow you to fly aircraft meeting the 600kg rules (whatever they turn out to be) with, at worst, some conversion training by a qualified instructor.

You'll have to hope someone else comes along to explain if there will be any issues flying on a UK microlight licence as an EU resident. I haven't the foggiest idea.