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I hold an EASA CPL(A) and am looking to do an IR(R).

I was wondering whether the 10 hours of IF flown on the CPL course give any credit towards the 15 hours required for the IR(R)?

Also - would I still need to sit the IR(R) written paper, having already passed the 14 ATPL theoretical knowledge exams?

Many thanks.
Thanks Bathman.

I looked at SRG1125 and sadly none of the circumstances in Section 5 apply to me, so I think the answer is no to a reduced course.
The reduced course is based on meeting the credits as published in CAP 804:
(i) Holds a valid single pilot ICAO IR(A) or UK Armed Forces Green IR(A).
(ii) Has held a ICAO IR(A) or UK Armed Forces Green Aeroplanes IR(A).
(iii) Has held a Uk Armed Forces Amber or White IR(A)
(vi) Holder of a Part-FCL PPL(H) Night Rating, AOPA Radio Navigation

However, with regard to the written paper iii) does apply to me.
Credit for Theoretical Knowledge examination is based on meeting terms published in CAP 804:
(i) AOPA Ground Instructors Certificate
(ii) Holder of UK CPL or ATPL(HG)
(iii) Holds a pass in all of the subjects for Part-FCL Professional Theoretical Knowledge Examinations or IR

For info, CAP804 is now marked as reference only and points to the "Easy Access Rules for Aircrew" https://www.easa.europa.eu/document-library/easy-access-rules/easy-access-rules-aircrew-regulation-eu-no-11782011
CAP804 has only ever been for reference.

The 10 hours of instrument flying on the CPL course allows a BIFM to be issued this can be used as 10 hours credit against the IMC rating.

I've known dozens of people who have done it.

Interestingly there is no requirement for the BIFM to have been taught by an instructor with any qualification to teach instrument flight.
Does holding a CPL imply completion of the BIFM, or do I need to get a specific course completion certificate from the ATO?