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The scene.

I have both of the above and they run concurrently with identical validity dates; both running to 30 April 2021.

I'm booked to attend the AOPA FI seminar next month (so, 13 months prior to expiry).

I have given around 100 hours of instruction as an FI and about 20 as a CRI since last revalidation (which was by test).

Quite clearly (to me anyhow) once I've satisfactorily completed the AOPA FI seminar I can straight away revalidate the FI(A) thing for another three years from April 2021.

Now to the query.
At an LAA coaching meeting last week it was mentioned from the rostrum that the revalidation requirements for a CRI had been changed to now include a two day seminar - but I can't see that in Part FCL on the EASA website.

Q1 - can anybody confirm if this is or is not the case?

Q2 - if it is the case, will the AOPA FI seminar be acceptable for CRI revalidation or will I have to attend a CRI-specific seminar?

Q3 - if it is this case (in Q1), have the revalidation rules been changed in any other way, such as dropping the need for the instructional hours to have been in the final 12 months of validity (cos I ain't in the final 12 months yet)?
ak7274 wrote:From training.com.

FCL.940.CRI CRI - Revalidation
and renewal
(a) now requires CRI to complete '2 out of 3' revalidation requirements of
paras (a)(1), (a)(2) and (a)(3

Thanks, but that is not what Part FCL says, at least the May 2019 version on the EASA web-site.

On what basis is Training Com saying this? Is there an FCL update imminent?

Part FCL talks of 'refesher training' which is not the same terminology used in the FI revalidation text where it specifically mentions a seminar. If they meant the same thing then why not say the same thing?
Just chipping in to say I'm in a somewhat similar position, so Kemble, and if it's a case of inventing a solution, I'm in.

In my case, I've 5 months until revalidation is required on my CRI, not done any instructing in the last 7, so either need to find somebody who wants 10hrs CRI-type instructing this spring, or I need a seminar.

Or if it's suddenly 2/3 it gets more complex, for much the same reasons as for you, I have a problem too ! So, for now, watching this thread, but very happy to chat as we're both looking for fixes.

Perfect, thanks for the link.

Most of my querying has been answered (and probably that of Genghis too) in that the 'shape' of the revalidation of the FI and CRI have been nicely aligned.

So, two out of three (as previously for the FI), instructional hours during the period of validity (not, as previously for the CRI, in the last 12 months), seminar renamed (for both CRI and FI) as 'refresher training'.

My remaining question is - will the AOPA FI seminar (or, now, 'refresher training') that I'm attending in March be accepted by the 'powers that be' as covering the CRI 'refresher training' requirement as well as that for the FI?
I have revalidated my CRI before at *half* an FI seminar, after negotiation between the seminar organiser and the CAA. The negotiation did seem to be necessary however.

What the heck, I don't mind doing a full FI seminar - I already go to the annual BMAA FI seminar. It's just being certain of the requirements. But I think I'd like this in writing from the CAA before spending £300 or so.

Well... maybe.

The regulations say, variously, '... instructor refresher training as an FI' and '... refresher training as a CRI'. They are described similarly but subtley differently in a couple of respects.

So, whilst it would seem reasonable for the FI stuff to also be acceptable for the CRI, especially as an FI has, inter alia, CRI privileges, it is not what might be called a slam-dunk.
The FI refresher course will cover the CRI requirement as well.

Our course content is split over the two days as below so attendance at both days would have to completed to meet the requirement. On the second day we sign up licences there and then for all that are revalidating by experience.

Registration and Coffee
Introductions / Seminar Objectives
Human Performance and Limitations
GASCo Infringement Presentation
Threat and Error Management
Stalling and Spinning
Forced Landings Without Power
Take Off and Landing / Performance
Syndicate Meet & Greet / Preparation Time

Registration and Coffee
Syndicate Presentation Preparation Time
Syndicate Presentations and Q&A
Instrument Flying
Law and Regulation Update
GNSS Training and Testing
Seminar Washup / Feedback forms
Certificate Signing

Please email mandy@aopa.co.uk if you want to discuss course availability and booking etc..

All the best

Head of Training AOPA
AMC/GM for the October 2019 Aircrew Regulation amendment have yet to be published and are now months overdue.

'Refresher training' for an FI or IRI in the original NPA2014-29(B) is stated as requiring a 2 day seminar. However, there was nothing in that NPA to define the requirements for the new CRI refresher training option of FCL.940.CRI(a)(2).

I doubt whether EASA will have amended the AMC/GM to stipulate the CRI refresher training requirement, so I have asked the CAA to state whether, in the case of a LAPL-only FI who is also a CRI, the FI revalidation requirements will subsume those for the CRI.
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I'm not sure I'm getting any less confused at the moment.

Can anybody point me at a current, UK, document defining revalidation criteria for an EASA / UK CRI ? it sounds like I'm going to need to quote it at somebody, at some point soon.