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By nickwilcock
No! See ORS4 No.1283 at https://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/1283..pdf

Para 3) iii states:
iii) Licence holders must only operate:

a) in a United Kingdom (G) registered EASA aircraft (as defined in Schedule 1 to the Order);

b) within the United Kingdom; or

c) with the permission of the relevant authority, within a Crown Dependency, but for an A to A flight only;

d) in day or night Visual Flight Rules (‘VFR’); and

e) the aircraft on flights which are not:

• commercial operation flights (as defined in Schedule 1 to the Air Navigation Order);
pilot training flights.

Thus pilots who have made a PMD may not conduct pilot training,
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By PaulB
Irv Lee wrote:1283 is for EASA licences isn't it? Isn't this a non EASA licence?

Valid point.... :-)

Where’s the wording for non -EASA licences about med decs?
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By Cookie
PaulB wrote:Where’s the wording for non -EASA licences about med decs?

In the ANO for non-EASA aeroplanes. ORS4 No.1309 for EASA aeroplanes.

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By PaulB
Cookie wrote:
PaulB wrote:Where’s the wording for non -EASA licences about med decs?

In the ANO for non-EASA aeroplanes.


Indeed..... I was hoping not to have to go searching... :-) (Mind you I prob won't as all I have is an EASA licence and I'm never going to be an FI.......)
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By Irv Lee
Have a go, a practice, the only way to get to know ano-speak: get the ano via http://www.caa.co.uk/cap393 - the way I read it:
1- Skip to PDF page 111 (annotated page 83 in the document) - article 163 at the bottom talks about NPPL and UK PPLs being 'specified licences' for this section.
2- Next page: para (2) at the top says what sort of medicals you can have in "specified licences" in order to.... "to exercise any of the privileges of the specified licence..." (note the ANY)
Go down a tiny bit to (2c) " .. a medical declaration.... " - so you can use a medical declaration if you qualify for one and stick to restrictions
Down a bit further to (5) - the list of things that restrict using a medical declaration with a 'specified licence (ie: NPPL and UK PPL) - training is not in the list, so the 'any of the privileges' noted above must apply.
So... i reckon if you have the privileges in a non EASA UK licence, and you don't hit the restrictions in (5), you can do it
Anything I haven't spotted?
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By aerfungus
Thanks all. This question was thrust upon me and I was keen to get some views. My understanding is based on the particular schedule of the ANO and is essentially along the lines expressed by Irv.
By Bathman
I know of one person who has a UK PPL, Microlight rating and a microlight instructor rating all on that UK PPL and he works as a microlight instructor for a living.

I wouldn't mind conformation that this is legal