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Ok, I know what was called a ppl(m) still exists and can be used on microlights with a 13 month 5 hour CofE but what is the status of the licence itself post 2002 when the Nppl came in? Did it become a normal ppl that can contain any rating that a uk national ppl could have (albeit restricted to microlights at first until some other rating is added) or did it become a niche microlight only licence that would have to be used to get an Nppl or "icao ppl" to get extra ratings?
(Ps: "owiicn"in title is "or whatever it is called nowadays")
Yes thanks.
Ps: The bmaa have told him that despite huge hours on microlights and fully current and recent on them, they want an nst and gst on microlights to go from ppl(m) to nppl with microlight rating! Has the bmaa taken on retired easa delegates now?