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By Thumper

Am in MerryKay - La Vegas - getting hitched in a couple of weeks.

I have been speaking to Cactus Aviation out there lining up a Grand canyon trip as PuT which got me thinking about ticking off an FAA conversion license.

Is it possible to achieve this prior to going or can I do it when i am out there?

Feedback most welcome

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By davey
This is something I have thought about as we visit Florida fairly regularly, however reading your link it says 2 forms of Government photo id. This is something I don't have, only my passport, what else could I use ? ( I have the old paper driving licence)
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By Grelly
Is there a good reason not to replace your paper licence? From memory, the downside was having to replace it every 10 years (and there was a charge for that)

In my case, I needed a photo ID for something and so I bit the bullet. However, as I was paranoid about the DVLA messing up, I claimed to have lost my paper licence. That way I ended up with both.

(Hopefully, I didn't just perjure myself!)