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By simon_gci
Back in 2003 I finished up the ATPL TK exams this gave me a CPL, I went on to get an FI rating. However I only fly private now and for the last few years have had a PPL as I haven't had a Class 1 medical.

Is my CPL still there can I get it back by just renewing my Class 1 medical? Or is there a time limit when I will lose it all together?

I'm also thinking of getting an IR but know I will have to sit the IR TK exams as mine will have run out (Ho hum).

Thanks in advance, Simon.
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By Irv Lee
Same here on medical. I had an EASA cpl and a UK cpl and a licencing certificate to list examiner privileges. The first two were paid for at a time when they were both lifetime licences (post 2012). Then, silly me, I sent in a change of address and listed everything.
Back came EASA cpl, national ppl, and no licensing certificate. Objected. Now have an EASA cpl, national ppl, and a licensing certificate all with same address. Giving them another week for national cpl to turn up. I understood that I paid for a national lifetime cpl, not a "until you move house" licence
By condor17
Simon , it's not clear if you were issued a CPL ? Or just did the theory exams ?
If issued a CPL . It's now under the '' All licences are now UN expiring '' banner , and whether expired or unexpierd it can be reactivated by '' Admin action '' or ''Reissued '' .
We've had ATPLs and PPLs which expired 20+ years ago , reactivated and reissued lately .

Hope that helps .

rgds condor .
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By Irv Lee
oldbiggincfi wrote:Move home and you may lose all your licences ?

Only one per move apparently, so still got a couple of moves left in me before that happens