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By simon_gci
Back in 2003 I finished up the ATPL TK exams this gave me a CPL, I went on to get an FI rating. However I only fly private now and for the last few years have had a PPL as I haven't had a Class 1 medical.

Is my CPL still there can I get it back by just renewing my Class 1 medical? Or is there a time limit when I will lose it all together?

I'm also thinking of getting an IR but know I will have to sit the IR TK exams as mine will have run out (Ho hum).

Thanks in advance, Simon.
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By Irv Lee
Same here on medical. I had an EASA cpl and a UK cpl and a licencing certificate to list examiner privileges. The first two were paid for at a time when they were both lifetime licences (post 2012). Then, silly me, I sent in a change of address and listed everything.
Back came EASA cpl, national ppl, and no licensing certificate. Objected. Now have an EASA cpl, national ppl, and a licensing certificate all with same address. Giving them another week for national cpl to turn up. I understood that I paid for a national lifetime cpl, not a "until you move house" licence
By condor17
Simon , it's not clear if you were issued a CPL ? Or just did the theory exams ?
If issued a CPL . It's now under the '' All licences are now UN expiring '' banner , and whether expired or unexpierd it can be reactivated by '' Admin action '' or ''Reissued '' .
We've had ATPLs and PPLs which expired 20+ years ago , reactivated and reissued lately .

Hope that helps .

rgds condor .
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By Irv Lee
oldbiggincfi wrote:Move home and you may lose all your licences ?

Only one per move apparently, so still got a couple of moves left in me before that happens
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By Irv Lee
Well, it is still the same year, give it time. I waited well over the 18 working days supposed turn round time for answers, wrote in saying "???" And this week got an indication of what has gone wrong, and I do have great expectations that it will only take a few more 18 working day periods to solve, BUT, at least I think I now know why. And having found someone else in the same position, (but someone who couldn't be r-sd to chase), I know I am not the only one now, so maybe there are a few... and what seems to have happened is:
1- have both a national cpl and a jaa cpl, the national one expiring in 2016 (other years were available).
2- in 2014, apply to convert your Jaa cpl to an EASA cpl, and tick the box for a national too, and pay the extra for it.
3) receive your lifetime EASA cpl and your lifetime national cpl in the post, but believe, having sent two commercial licences, that they "must have" updated their system to change the 2016 expiry date to "never expire" to match the licence.
4) move address in 2017.... find they never updated the 2016 expiry date on their system so national cpl apparently died a year back (according to them)
5) send copy of national lifetime cpl at their request
6) wait.... 18 working days?
By aerfungus
Just a slightly different question, I downgraded from JAR CPL to EASA PPL because of problem maintaining Class 1 Med, but not Class 2. I can now pass Class 1 again, does anyone know if it is possible to regrade back to CPL and have it re-issued (All ratings still current MEP/SEP/IR etc)
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By JonathanB
I did the ATPL exams, got my CPL did my FI rating (now expired) and never did my IR. I converted it to an EASA licence. As far as I know I have a CPL now and not a PPL. I renew my class 1 medical (in step with my ATCO class 3 medical) every other year and just revert to "PPL privileges" in terms of passenger carriage and payment etc. every other year - as far as I know it's still a CPL though.
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By Irv Lee
oldbiggincfi wrote:
Irv Lee wrote: Giving them another week for national cpl to turn up.

Well ! Did it turn up ?

Promised I would have it by last Friday, nothing, so chased then, nothing by this Friday (today) so chased again, told it was mailed yesterday... so probably will arrive Monday giving me just under four weeks to get rating signed before expiry. Good job it wasn't end of August expiry.