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By Oldfart
I have been trying to find the definitive date of the present derogation, whereby a "EASA land" domiciled pilot with FAA licence, has to have an equivalent EASA rating to fly N reg aircraft Europe. Can't find anything on CAA or EASA websites. Need a lawyer to trawl through the EASA stuff!!
A local CFI said April 2018??
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By Irv Lee
Suggested Christmas present for local CFI is http://www.higherplane.co.uk/checklist.html with just an anonymous gift tag saying "page 4 for what we know you don't know, pages 1-3 and 5-17 for what we don't know you don't know'
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By simon_gci
Not read much on this, (stupid question time) but does this mean that if an EASA licence will be required this will allow people who fly N Reg on an EASA licence in the U.K. at the moment to cross the magical line that exists between the UK and France without the laws of physics changing, as they obviously do at the moment...... thought not :roll: