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By G MacDonald
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I am contemplating a trip for me and the kids to Morroco in a Bonanza (has tips tanks so huge range) .

Does anybody have any recent experience of Avgas/handling/ airport landing/parking fees?

Also any thoughts on where to go that will entertain 2 very fussy eater kids?!
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By TomWW
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As I remember it landing fee in Tangier was £2.50 last time we were there. (only been once :D )

Our documents were checked over very carefully, but I was not convinced they understood any of it.

It was a long time ago now, about 8 years, so that ma well be well out of date. But I had much more hassle in San Sebastián yesterday, an overnight stop, than we did for an over night stop in Tangier.
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By TomWW
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Iceman wrote:What was the problem in San Sebastian @TomWW ?

Iceman 8)

The head of security was of the opinion that NO ONE should go through his security post. (the one pilots normally use). Even the handling agents were quietly cussing him. Something to do with COVID apparently. The signs still said to use the normal gate. Absolutely nothing was going to get him to lets us pass either way. I had to go to the office, get let out into the car park. Then a security guard had to talk on the radio, I suspect to the awkward cuss, the handling agent also had to talk to someone on the phone. Then I was escorted into a little office with a scanner for security. I was escorted to the aircraft for refuelling. Coming back two handling agents took me to the normal gate to get land side. No he insisted that I cleared customs, knowing full well I had done that already.

Everyone else there was as helpful as they could be.
About 2.4€-2.6€/L everywhere paid in cash, landing and parking fees are always under 10€ but it takes 1h to calculate, especially with 1 week stay :lol:

In certified type, no PPR or PNR, you file FPL (6h or 12h) in advance and then fly to turn up in places like Tangier, Essaouira, Fes…

The hassles,
- Marrakesh, avoid, you won’t have enough money for it :eye:
- Casablanca M6, you won’t have enough time for it :eye:
- Rabat, NOTAMS his Majesty otherwise lovely and cheap :thumleft:
- South of Tan-Tan you are in 4 digits Agents & Permit territory

The main struggle to get there is usually Spain (handling), otherwise in wing tipped Bonnie fly straight from France, Perpignan or Béziers :thumleft:

If you go with kids in Tangier, maybe try one day to caves of hercules?
For a first trip to Morroco it might be worth looking at rtsl.fr who run Rallyes to St Louis, Senegal and Tan-Tan in Morroco - http://www.rtsl.fr/rtsl_2023/html/parcours_rtt2023.html

We've done both and the organisation is superb. They setup all the Handling and Permits plus pre-position AVGAS where necessary. Support includes a travelling mechanic and doctor. Daily Met/NOTAM briefings and presentations are in French but they also provide an English summary for non-French speakers.