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By Rob L
Eager readers might have noticed that I've done a few flying trips around the USA in my occasional trusty Taylorcraft over the last few years (since 2015, in fact), and it's been an absolute pleasure to report some of those trips on this Forum.

Here's a 17 Sept 2022 photo example that I took from my last fly-in to Old Rhinebeck. They don't let any common or garden Cessnas or Pipers fly in, but this was my third occasion flying in!
This is a replica Fokker D8, and it flew like a homesick angel!


I mean well with my posts, but could "The Admin Team", even by Private Message, give me the courtesy of your name? How dare you suggest I was intentionally trying anything?

"From: The Admin Team
Recipient: Rob L -

Hi Rob,

If you are going to post that you are intentionally trying to avoid the forum moderation, your posts will be deleted (as in this case), and you may well find that all your posts will require moderation."

Whoever you are, you can moderate or delete all my posts and my account for what I care. Do I give a ****? No.
Rob L
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By Rob L
The so-called "The Admin Team" :roll: got their ******* in a wad about Blancolirio's You Tube post about the Scicily Canadair crash. I posted a link to his thread, not the crash itself.
There are some real areseholes out there.
I wonder how long this will last?
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By A4 Pacific
I think your US adventures make excellent reading. I hope you continue to post them as an inspiration to others.

As it happens, I also quite like blancolirio and a few other YouTubers.