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By Dave W
At 0851 today, my flying partner departed the strip in our Jodel on the first leg of Flight2Hope,

Mark Coreth wrote:The flight shall be an integral part of a sculpture that I have created in Jerusalem for the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group. The brief for the sculpture was to symbolise the history of Jerusalem, its people and to give a message of HOPE for the region. The sculpture is placed in the bulls eye of the Old City in their garden in Muristan where the Order has an eye clinic, a site that we shall visit.

​I created an olive tree in bronze - The Tree of Hope. When you look out from Muristan over the city, you look towards the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane and the magnificent golden dome of Temple Mount, the third most important Mosque in Islam. Just around the corner is the Western Wall of the Temple, the Wailing Wall, the most sacred site for the Jewish Faith and behind Muristan is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. My sculpture is placed in the epicentre of the Abrahamic Faiths in Jerusalem.
The olive tree was moulded from an ancient tree in Bethlehem and cast into bronze by an Israeli foundry in Netania, just south of Caesarea. The gnarled trunk of an old olive symbolises the City walls while the swifts symbolise the dynamic movement of people. Swifts nest and breed in the walls of the city and have been recorded as doing so from the times of the first Temple, way back in the depths of history.

Inspired by the journey of the swifts and still furthering the theme of my sculpture, I, along with Professor Yossi Leshem, am organising a flight of light aircraft. We will be flying with nature.

The flight will take place on 2nd April 2019; these aircraft will fly alongside the swifts and numerous other migratory species. We will be departing from Eilat, flying up the Jordan Valley, landing at Masada, then fly over the Dead Sea, hopefully landing in Amman before circling Jerusalem. The journey will finish beside my Tree of Hope.

Bon voyage, Mark. :D

When I can, I'll post the odd update to this trip here - I shall certainly be watching from afar.

I also know that at least one occasional contributor to the forums is part of Mark's support team, so bon voyage to them also.
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By Rob L
Dave W wrote:I also know that at least one occasional contributor to the forums is part of Mark's support team, so bon voyage to them also.

I can only assume that you are referring to Sam for the organisation of the overflight/landing permissions?
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By Rob L
Dave W wrote:No, another chap. Not sure if he wants outing but :thumleft: anyway.

I hadn't twigged Sam was the one doing that (probably should have), but by all accounts he's worked some diplomatic miracles. :D

Dave, I don't know if Sam is organising those aspects for your friend's flight at all (that was an assumption on my part), but he does do a lot of those things. Sorry for any confusion.

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By AndyR
Whoever has negotiated that transit has done very well indeed. It’s almost impossible to get unless you’re an airline. We’ve been trying for years and end up having to take the tortuous route via Alexandria, over Cairo and then ESE through Egypt over the Suez Canal and into Jordan via Aqaba.

Amazing area to fly around. Look forward to the full trip report.

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By MikeW
Wow what a journey for an Ambassadeur - with lots of water too! Fantastic, hope a full account will follow.
Interested to see the engine you have - did you fit it?
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By Dave W
I am sure Mark will write the trip up in due course, and I think there should be some very special photos taken during his successful flight over the Golden Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, yesterday. :thumleft:

The modification (O-235 replacing Potez, and 2-position simple flaps replacing underwing air brakes) was done about 20 years ago by the previous owners, one of whom imported the aircraft into the UK in 1964. It's been based at the same strip ever since. :D
By Lefty
Congratulations - especially on getting permission to fly into Israel.
We tried to fly from the UK to Amman Jordan in 2018. We thought we had arrangedpermission to Transit Israel. We had been given all of the procedures and contact frequencies, but when we got to Cyprus we got an email saying that we would not be allowed to enter Israel (and we never received the code to use when contacting Israeli Military ATC).

We looked at going around through Egypt and Aqaba, but we decided that an extra $8000 per aircraft was not justified. So we parked the a/c in Paphos, and took a $120 commercial flight into Amman.

After a fantastic 5 days touring Jordan, we return to Cyprus to pick up our a/c for the return to the UK.
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By Lefty
bilko2 wrote:I fly GBIRT (see picture above). We were able to do it due to a very unusual set of circumstances and a very forceful and very well connected academic.

And you seem to be Waltham based?